Candidate Profile – Neil Reilly – Administrative Committee

By Neil Reilly
The reason that I have accepted nomination to stand for the Administration Committee is that I intend to bring a level of transparency, consultation and balance to that secretive body and to more accurately represent the wider membership of the ALP. Another reason for my standing is that I believe that regional NSW is very poorly represented on that committee.

Our poor electoral performance can be attributed to some very poor management and political judgement over the past years, much of which has come from the Administration Committee. I believe that change is needed to change our party for the better.

My background is that I have grown three children, I have been married for 35 years, I own and run a small business and I stood in the last two federal elections for the seat of Gilmore.

I am the president of the Kiama Branch and Gilmore FEC and I serve as a councillor in The Kiama Municipality.

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