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Is all of OurALP reachable by Ferry or Light Rail?

At Conference yesterday, it was said that OurALP is a front for the Left, that all of OurALP be reached by Ferry or Lightrail, that its entire membership can be found within on the shadow map for the Balmain Towers. … Continue reading

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Should the Party Stand for Anything at All?

By Ben Aveling This is an edited version of an article originally published in The Southern  Highland ALP Branch Newsletter as “Current Crisis is Whether Party Should Stand for Anything At All” The Party has suffered schism before: over conscription … Continue reading

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What to expect from the 2012 NSW ALP Conference?

Looks like a fight might be on. The Right are trying to rollback anti-branch stacking reforms: secretaries may pay other people’s memberships, changes to trip wire rules, new members able to vote at the first meeting they attend, ethnic branches, … Continue reading

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