What you can do


As individuals, we can be ignored. To have an impact, you need to connect with like minded people. The following are good places to discuss the issue of reform:



Lobby for Change

Talk to:

  • your branch
  • your branch executive, especially delegates to FEC and SEC (FEA and SEA in Victoria)
  • your FEC and SEC
  • your FEC and SEC executive, especially delegates to Conference
  • your Union, if it is affiliated
  • anyone on the Admin Committee
  • anyone on the Rules Committee
  • your local Labor MPs (Federal, NSW, Vic)

Pass Motions

Motions at Conference are good.  They put the topic on the agenda.


For the rules to change, for pro-reform motions to pass, we need delegates at Conference, and we need reform minded people on the right committees.

To get delegates at Conference, we need reform minded people on SECs and FECs and on the executives of SECs and FECs, and affiliated unions.

To get reform minded people on the executives of SECs and FECs,we need pro-reform people on the executive of your local branch.

Can you help us with that? If you are in NSW, your next branch AGM is probably in March.


3 Responses to What you can do

  1. Stuart Maurice says:

    I agree with almost all of the Bracks etc Report however I have severe reservation regarding allowing non members of the A.L.P. to vote in preselections.
    I say this because in our Seat of the South Coast I know of two people who were sworn A.L.P. supporters and were seen handing out Liberal leaflets in the recent debacle that was the State Election.
    It could be argued that they were disallusioned people but for instance would you trust a member of your football team if they assisted the opposition to score a try against you.?
    To my mind it needs more in depth thinking and discussion.

  2. Jennifer j says:

    Who were the unaligned delegates to National conference just held? It would be good to hear an unaligned delegate’s view of how policy was decided and how votes were canvassed especially re the motion whether or not to turn back the boats.

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