Proposals for Reform – Compare and Contrast

This SpreadSheet compares the various proposals for reform, or at least, it tries to indicate which sections of which proposal deal with the same issues.

John Faulkner has confirmed that he believes it to be substantially correct. John Graham and Sam Dastyari have indicated that they believe that the page contains significant inaccuracies, upon which further feedback will be provided.

Please consider this to be a starting point for your own analysis, rather than in any way being the final word.

It will be updated as feedback arrives, so to be sure you have the latest version, please check back regularly.

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1 Response to Proposals for Reform – Compare and Contrast

  1. Chris Osborne says:

    Hunter Regional Meeting With Sen John Faulkner – Sat 4th June 2011

    After a strong lobbying exercise, my local Federal MP, Jill Hall, organised for John Faulkner to come up to the Hunter the week before he gave the Wran lecture.

    The other local Federal and State MP’s up here – Grierson, Combet, Fitzgibbon, Barr and Hornery – all supported the event and all came except Combet who was in Canberra on the carbon price stuff.

    It was held at the Charlestown Central Leagues Club was very well attended by nearly 250 branch members from all over the Hunter region.

    The address by John was followed by a question and answer session and it was obvious that there was a lot of anger in the room. This 3 hour event very successful and showed how much branch members in the Hunter Region are dismayed at where the party is going.


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