Candidate Profile – Ben Aveling – Rules Committee

My name is Ben Aveling. I am professional software developer with 20 years of private sector experience. I am not and never have been a member of a faction, nor a staffer, nor have I held any paid position with the ALP or any level of government. I’ve been a member of the ALP since 2001. I am secretary of the Alexandria Branch and treasurer of Heffron SEC. I’ve been actively involved in the OurALP movement since its inception and I am webmaster of

I passionately believe in an active rank and file, one with a meaningful role in decision making. A more active rank and file will drive better, more consistent policies and better decisions. Without internal debate we are ill prepared to defend our positions publicly. This is my reason for nominating for the Rules Committee – the opportunity to influence the evolution of the Party’s rules towards more transparency, more democracy, better decisions and better debate. I want to be a voice on the committee saying: our rules must always protect the voice of the rank and file.

If you have any questions for me, or comments, I can be contacted by leaving a message on this page, or at, or on twitter.

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  1. maurice campbell says:

    The rules committee make the rules but it is the Admin, credentials committee, disputes committee and review tribunal that interpret the changes.

    My own view as that we require a Tribunial that ensures honest processes without the fractionally motivation of making the wrong decisions. I would prefer a system where a matter can be referred to an independent legal tribinal organised and appointed by the AEC and that any decison is binding on the Party. It could operate on similiar grounds to Social Security Appeals Tribunial.

    This process could be easily achieved by ensuring Legislation is passed in all parliaments as part of the registration of political parties that establishes a tribunial. Any decision of the party can be referred after party appeals have been exhausted and the decision would be available to the general public ensuring that everyone will have a fair hearing and respect the outcome.

    Maurice Campbell
    0406 094 798

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