Sam Dastyari’s Response to Open Letter

11 April 2011

Dear Ben

Thank you for your open letter dated 4 April 2011 regarding Labor Party Reform.

As you have noted, I share your support for Labor Party Reform.  I welcome members’ engagement in this exciting process.

The Annual Conference is the supreme policy making and governing body of the Party in NSW. Please note that Rule changes to be considered at the 2011 Conference are due by 12 noon, Friday 29 April.

My strong personal views on Party reform are on the public record. I have argued for the end of the factional system at a State Parliamentary level, a membership amnesty and the consideration of new candidate selection models. In order that these views are considered by the Annual Conference, I will aslo be making a submission through the process outlined above.

Congratulations to all members involved in the public meeting held 2 April 2011. A strong culture of debate is vital to Party life and essential to our democracy.

If you have any questions, please contact the Party Office on (02) 9207 2000.

Yours sincerely,

Sam Dastyari


The open letter to Sam Dastyari is here


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