An open letter to Sam Dastyari

Dear General Secretary,

You have put yourself on the record as a supporter of Labor Party Reform.  You have described the outcomes you want: less control by factions, a more engaged membership, preselections that deliver candidates that are more representative of the general community. To my knowledge, you are yet to outline how those outcomes should be delivered, but certainly, it will not happen through business-as-usual.

On Saturday, a rank and file meeting of 275 people voted for four specific reforms, reforms that would deliver those very outcomes:

  1. Implementation of the public recommendations of the Faulkner, Bracks, Carr Review, without any watering down of its key recommendations
  2. Direct elections by the rank and file of a range of Senior Party Officials
  3. Delegates to Conference from unions to be chosen by union members
  4. As an anti branch stacking reform: members must pay their own membership fees.

Can the rank and file count on your support for these reforms?

Regards, Ben Aveling,
Secretary, Alexandria Branch

Sam Dastyari’s response is here


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