Recommended Motions by Individuals as of 4/4

Require that union delegates be elected by PR given low turnout in most union elections the winning ticket in any union election could sweep conference delegate elections. — Geoff Robinson

Restore the initial Aims and Objectives of the Australian Labor Party — Ross Smith

As an antibranch stacking measure, we should restore branch boundaries – members should only be allowed to attend at their local branch  — Norman Hanscombe

Direct Elections for Upper House Vacancies should be filled by Direct Election, much as per the second of the Core Motions —Tanya Plibersek

All of the different Country Labor parties should be merged, so that we have one state-level branch per state, plus one Country Labor Party —Thomas Flood

As an antibranch stacking measure, we should reintroduce the 3 meeting rule – members must attend 3 meetings per year –Natalie Gould

Any direct election should include a mechanism in which candidate profiles are distributed to voters —Natalie Gould

The cost of nominating for a position must not be set at a prohibitive level –Ben Aveling

FEC and SEC elect their delegates to State Conference in the respective FEC and SEC by a vote of rank and file members in accordance with the rules of a rank and file pre-selection and,  to ensure that the winning delegates will be properly accredited at Conference, those winning delegates be endorsed by the FEC and SEC as the delegates for the respective FEC and SEC —Neil Kenzler

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