Extra Motions – Milton Ulladulla

At the recent meeting of the Milton Ulladulla branch of the ALP, the following motions which you forwarded for discussion were passed:

A. Support for the core motions:

  1. Endorse the 2010 Review and demand it be implemented in full.
  2. Direct elections for Admin, General Secretaries, Presidents.
  3. Union delegates to Conference to be chosen by direct election by union members.
  4. Anti-branch stacking: membership fees to be paid direct to Head Office.

The membership also moved and seconded the following motions for your consideration:

B. That the rank and file have the final decision in the placement of people on the Senate and Legislative Council ticket.

C. In light of the above motions the Milton Ulladulla branch demands a timetable for their implementation.

We look forward to receiving further progress reports and also the date/location of the next Rank and File Supporter meeting.

M Exel

Hon. Secretary.

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