Admin Committee Candidate Bios – Unofficial

At time of writing, the only official candidate bio’s we are aware of are our own.

We’ve done a quick web search, to give you an very brief idea of who all of candidates are, who they’ve worked for, what their jobs are, at least according to the internet. No doubt, we’ve missed many of their accomplishments. We’ve tried for accuracy over completeness. Any omissions or errors are mine. Hopefully, something more official will be released tomorrow, in time for voting. This is strictly draft and should not be relied on without checking with the persons involved. Any corrections received will be made.

The order below is ballot paper order. For our how to vote, see here. Centre Unity and Socialist Left How To Votes will appear tomorrow.

Ross Smith Independent Sydney See bio:
Pam Ward Right ? Does not seem to have much of an obvious internet presence.
Jim Bright Independent Eden-Monaro See bio:
Prue Car Right Penrith Communications Manager, Penrith City Counciler, candidate for Londonderry, Ex Office of the Premier of NSW. See
Jess Malnersic Right Sydney Young Labor president – the one who chose to run a video rather than speak in debate on Saturday of the conference
Simmone Pengelly Left Newcastle Staffer for Sharon Claydon
Kate Washington Right Port Stephens Candidate for Port Stephens. Lawyer, current member of Admin.
Kirsten Andrews Right Sydney Former staffer for Iemma, Rudd, Head of Media and PR at a major university
Michael Forshaw Right Sutherland Shire Former senator, Former General Secretary of the AWU. See
Sue West Right Bathurst Former senator. See
Anthony D’Adam Left Sydney Current member of Admin. Public Service Association director of policy and strategy. On the record supporter of reform:
Ben Aveling Independent Sydney See bio:
Monika Wheeler Left Sydney Staffer for Tanya Plibersek. See
Johno Johnson Right Sydney Former president of Legislative Council (president 1978 to 1991, served 1976 to 2001) See
Karen McKeown Left Penrith Former staffer for Helen Westwood. Penrith City Councillor. See
Luke Whitington Left Sydney Advisor to Peter Primrose. See
Elizabeth Scully Right Ermington Chair of NSW Labor Women’s Forum, Former NSW Labor executive officer,
Damian Ogden Left Casula Executive Director of Campaign Action, “Australia’s national training institute for the progressive movement.”
Jenny McAllister Left Sydney ALP President. Candidate for Senate preselection. See
Davina Langton Right Sydney (or Canberra?) Registered Lobbyist. Former staffer for Whelan, Carr, Iemma, Fitzgibbon.
Paul Sekfy Left Mid North Coast Community Development Coordinator.

Again, this is strictly draft and should not be relied on without checking with the persons involved. Any corrections received will be made. In particular, this misses many of the accomplishments, and I strongly encourage you to consult whatever material the candidates and/or their factions make available.

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