Open Labor

Yet another ALP reform group.

Pressure for genuine reform is growing, and it’s going to keep growing, until genuine reform is achieved.

Agitate, Educate, Opine

The plethora of ALP reform groups continues to grow. First there was OurALP, then there was Labor Renewal, then came Local Labor and now there’s a group calling itself “Open Labor” that is about to launch on Monday.

From what I have seen, the core individuals linked to this project seem to be Victorians with links to the Per Capita thinktank such as James Button, Josh Borstein, Nick Reece, Tom Bentley and Dennis Glover.

Compared to these other groups that are explicitly groups of party members, Open Labor seems to be positioning itself as a loose network of thinkers that exists beyond the confines of ALP, including non-members.

As part of their launch, Open Labor will have a public statement that they will be asking people to sign onto. The statement is below:


We are a group of people who seek renewal…

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4 Responses to Open Labor

  1. Chris Osborne says:

    Local Labor has been very active for 3 years and has Race Matthews as its convenor.

    OurALP has been very inactive and all but a shell over the last 18 months. No meetings, no forums, no presence at the recent Progressive Australia Conference, no leadership.

    It really only exists in this blog and even then is sparse in posts. It should fold and allow Local Labor to replace it.

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