The Faceless Men of the Liberal Party

This is a long piece, and isn’t about the ALP. But I still think you’ll find it interesting.

Frances Jones

By Father Kevin Lee

OK I know people reading this are going to say, “He is suffering from ‘sour grapes,’ but please try to understand. It’s like when you are in love with someone you overlook their flaws (even though you recognise them) and you can become despised enemies after you discover attributes you didn’t realise the other had. My position has changed due to discoveries I never anticipated. So reserve your judgment of me until you read the whole story.

I was a priest for twenty years and was always led to believe that separation of the Church and State was like two parallel lines that never meet, but I was soon to find out that like the celibate clergy, it’s a truth in terms of policy position only, it is not true in fact.

I discovered this painfully in my last parish, Glenmore Park.

In our community was…

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2 Responses to The Faceless Men of the Liberal Party

  1. Chris Osborne says:

    Ben, when are we going to get OurALP meeting again?

  2. Chris Osborne says:

    Ben, when are you going to open up OurALP to the democratic participation?

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