Kevin Rudd has announced an intervention into the NSW branch.

As promised in a recent press conference, Kevin Rudd has announced an intervention into the NSW branch, including:

  • A zero-tolerance approach to impropriety, with instant expulsion for corruption
  • Property developers banned from standing as ALP candidates.
  • Disputes and credentials committee replaced by independent judicial body
  • And, possibly, reforms to the selection of the Admin Committee.

Sam Dastyari has welcomed the move, writing “I’m confident that the thousands of members of the Labor Party who have been waiting for the reform process to move forward will be very happy with the changes being made.” in an email to party members.

John Graham also welcomed the development; “This is good news for members of the NSW Labor Party.” –

More details to follow.

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2 Responses to Kevin Rudd has announced an intervention into the NSW branch.

  1. Ross Smith says:

    Shame their server is ‘Down


    • Ben Aveling says:

      The link seems to be dead, but I’ve found another copy:

      “A cleaner NSW Branch

      I hope you have seen by now the Prime Minister’s announcement that the National Executive will intervene to help clean up the NSW Branch of the Labor Party.

      This is good news for members of the NSW Labor Party.

      The problem has been clear. The lawlessness that characterised Labor’s internal culture spread from Sussex St, first to Macquarie St, and then to the nation’s capital.

      I hope this intervention helps end that era.

      It is a good first step: property developers ruled out as candidates, zero tolerance of corruption and opening up Labor’s processes to the rule of law.

      It abolishes NSW Labor’s notorious factional party tribunals – its Disputes and Credentials Committees. Previously the scene of many a fix, they will be replaced by an Independent Appeals Tribunal.

      The measures also strengthen Labor’s hand to ward off the legal threats we have been subjected to when we have taken disciplinary action against some of our former members.

      This package is necessary for NSW Labor. By itself, it won’t be enough. We need to go further, and adopt the democratic reforms that Labor has begun to debate, in order to secure Labor’s future.

      A good start would be holding more community ‘primary’ preselections, changing how we elect our parliamentary leader, and allowing membership ballots for key party positions.

      Labor shouldn’t be doing these things for its own sake. We need to keep up. Twenty first century political parties are finding new ways to allow their supporters to join, participate and engage.

      There will be time for that debate. In the meantime we have an election to win against Tony Abbott. This package strengthens Labor’s hand in that fight.

      John Graham
      Assistant General Secretary”

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