5 vacant seats

In the aftermath of Kevin Rudd’s return to the leadership, there are a number of electorates where a preselection is urgently needed:

  • Charlton and Kingsford Smith in NSW,
  • Rankin in Queensland,
  • Lalor in Victoria and
  • Perth in WA.

WA has already called a rank and file preselection for Perth, with nominations closing Thursday.

NSW and Victoria are planning rank and file preselections for their vacant seats, subject to the Election Date not being moved too far forwards.

It is not yet clear if Queensland will follow suit.

Labor Senator Matt Thistlethwaite is running for Kingsford-Smith. Another potential candidate is Tony Bowen, Mayor of Randwick, and son of Lionel Bowen the former minister and a former member for Kingsford Smith. Tony Bowen reports receiving a call from the (right) assistant general secretary Jamie Clements, ‘advising’ him not to run.

Pat Conroy, Greg Combet’s former deputy chief of staff, and Daniel Wallace of the AWMU are expected to nominate for Charlton.

Kimberley Kitching, a councillor, and Peter Khalil, a former adviser to Kevn Rudd, are expected to contest Lalor.

Jim Chalmers,former chief of staff to Wayne Swan, former MP Brett Raguse, and indigenous health worker Leanne Enoch are expected to contest Rankin.

There are a number of candidates soliciting support in Perth, possibly including Alannah MacTiernan, Mayor of Vincent and a former minister in the WA government. Another possible candidate is lawyer Tim Hammond.

There have been reports that Sam Dastyari is planning to take Thistlethwaites senate seat. Dastyari has dismissed the reports.

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1 Response to 5 vacant seats

  1. Ali says:

    But will the same old maneuvering be going on in the background? What hope does a genuine rank and filer have even in a supposed democratic rank and file ballot where the usual suspects have the branches sewn up through stacking; or they claim they do. Ditto this supposed intervention in the NSW ALP, is it just window dressing? Just a PR stunt? I will believe it if we get significant change and a complete change in the Admin Committee. It needs a new broom someone prepared to clean out the union bosses and their underlings. One union boss in NSW is already telling his minions that nothing will change, it’s all good, their power and positions are secure. Let’s see what happens eh. Early days.

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