Was the NSW Conference a guide to National Conference?

National Conference is now a week away and the Left and Right are each claiming that they are the true reformers.

Given that NSW General Secretary Sam Dastayi is of the most prominent advocates of reform, it may be worth reviewing the Dastyari/Graham motion as passed by NSW State Conference earlier this year.

The motion was largely, but not exactly, along the lines of the 2010 National Review:

  • in primaries the relative weight of members/unionists/supports is not 60/20/20 but is instead at the discretion of the Administrative Committee, in order that trials can “help determine which model, if any, is the most appropriate”
  • the motion provides the Administrative Committee with the option (but not the requirement) to “establish processes to ensure that applicants are personally applying for their own membership and paying with their own funds”, and requires members applying at a concession rate to “provide proof of their entitlement to this concessional rate”
  • “each FEC will elect one National Conference Delegate, with the balance … elected by Annual Conference”
  • intervention of the Administrative Committee in preselections only in by-elections or other exceptional circumstances (but what constitutes exceptional circumstances is not defined)
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