OurALP Activist meeting report for 24th July.

There was a meeting of Our ALP activists two weeks back, at Leichhardt Town Hall, with people dialing in from other parts of NSW and overseas.

The meeting agreed that the reforms secured at State Conference don’t go as far as they should, that they are only one step in the right direction, and that what matters most is developing a culture of insisting that, for example, rules be respected.

It was agreed that having a loose structure has had advantages, but that there would be value in adopting a formal structure, if we can find the right mechanisms for selecting official spokespeople, etc, possibly a mechanism based on formal affiliations by branches. A subcommittee will be formed to prepare a proposal for wider consideration.

It was agreed that Our ALP does not have a platform beyond our shared objective of “increased power for members though democratic reform”.  It was agreed that we would not endorse candidates for Public Office or a Policy Committee, and we would endorse candidates for committees like Rules only if we have candidates we trust.

It was agreed in principle to have an event in October, possibly with the purpose of supporting the 2010 Review Recommendations at National Conference, possibly a formation meeting. A subcommittee will be formed to prepare a proposal for wider consideration.

It was agreed that a 3 or 5 person editorial board will be selected to make decisions about what can and can’t go onto ouralp.net – membership and processes to be decided at the next meeting. In the interim, posting will be managed by Ben Aveling, Marcus Strom, Darcy Byrne and Chris Simpson.

It was agreed to have monthly phone hookups, the next one perhaps the weekend of the 21st Aug – date to be confirmed.  It was agreed that some of these meetings will be held outside Sydney subject to cost and availability of teleconference facilities.
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