Admin Committee and Rules Committee

This is unofficial, but the new Administrative Committee is (in ballot paper order):
Right: Mark Lennon, Gerald Dwyer, Kirsten Andrews, Wayne Forno, Prue Guillaume, Barbara Nebart, Graeme Kelly, Tony Sheldon, Mark Ptolemy, Russ Collison, Julie Sibraa, Alex Classens, Jim Metcher, Kate Washington, Davina Langton
Left: Jan Primrose, Mal Tulloch, Sally McManus, Grahame Kelly, Sharon Claydon, Anthony D’Adam, Jenny McAllister, Tim Ayers, Geoff Derrick, Rita Mallia

The Rules Committee is (in ballot paper order):
Right: Katie Ford, Michael Buckland, Amanda Fazio, Wayne Meaney, Rob Allen, Talal Yassine
Left: Peter Primrose, Jan Burnswoods, Anthony D’Adam

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1 Response to Admin Committee and Rules Committee

  1. Ben Aveling says:

    Note: in addition to the above 25 members of the Admin Committee, there are also 10 members indirectly appointed, including the three General Secretaries (Sam Dastyari, John Graham, Chris Minns), the four Presidents, a representative of the PM (Michael Forshaw?), the Leader of the NSW Party and a (non-voting) representative of Young Labor.

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