Candidate Profile – Chris Quilkey – Admin, Rules, Federal Delegate

By Chris Quilkey
I am standing for election as a delegate to the National Conference; as a member of the Administration Committee and the Rules Committee.

I have been a Labor supporter and union member for 40 years and a Party Member since 2003 (inspired to join by the disgraceful treatment of the Tampa refugees).  I’m Secretary-Treasurer of Quakers Hill Branch and Blacktown LGC, and Vice President of Greenway FEC and Riverstone SEC.

I am a Senior Legislation and Policy Officer in a State Government Department, and have been a member of the PSA since 1996.  I have previously been a member of the (then) Local Government Union, Miscellaneous Workers Union and Transport Workers Union, as I have previously worked in local government, hospitality and transport.

I have never worked for Head Office, a union or a Member of Parliament, but I have provided Departmental advice to 9 Ministers (7 Labor, 2 Liberal), over a dozen Ministerial Chiefs of Staff and about 50 Ministerial staffers.  A minority were excellent; a minority were abysmal; and the majority were moderately competent.  I have a wide variety of life experience that seems to be lacking in many of the Admin Committee members.

I stand for the rights of the rank and file ALP Branch member to meaningful participation in all ALP decision-making processes, particularly the choice of candidates for ALL elected positions both internal and public.  I vehemently oppose the N40 Rule and the National Executive right to choose candidates, and led a local boycott of a National Executive chosen candidate in 2010, working in another electorate instead.  (In fairness, this candidate has since proven an excellent Member of Parliament – but should have been subject to rank and file pre-selection.)  I supported the protests of the Gilmore bus group and attended their meeting with the General Secretary.

I will bring a real-world perspective to the Administration Committee and Rules Committee, being beholden to no faction but open to support responsible policies proposed by either of them.  At National Conference I will support reform that empowers the rank and file branch members in policy and selection of candidates.


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2 Responses to Candidate Profile – Chris Quilkey – Admin, Rules, Federal Delegate

  1. Mark Cassells says:

    If you are the Chris from Boorowa, please reply. I’m interested in having a chat.


    • Chris Quilkey says:

      Sorry, been thru Boorowa, visited Newhaven Park many years ago when Luskin Star was in his prime; but not the Chris you’re thinking of.
      Chris Quilkey

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