New Website, New Logo & T-Shirts

You will have already noticed the new website design, as well as the new OurALP logo. Thanks to Chris Simpson and Ben Aveling for their work on the redesign.

We have ordered a stack of T-shirts and badges with the new OurALP logo which will be ready in time for conference. If you would like one, please email – we only have 50 T-Shirts available – so first come first served. For the moment we are providing them at cost – $15 – although we may increase the price later as a fundraising initiative. If we get lots of demand in the next few days we can try and get some more made before Saturday 9th. And if you want to make a bulk order – say for your whole branch – please provide sizes (S/M/L/XL) and quantities.

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2 Responses to New Website, New Logo & T-Shirts

  1. boydkevin says:

    Great shirt.
    Says it all.

  2. kevin boyd says:

    gutted i can’t get to sydney for conference.
    if there is a xl left after conference would like to purchase one.
    wear with pride and purpose.

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