Protest Photos

Following on from Phil Drew’s post, I know that many people were unable to attend the protest on the day. Below are a few photos from the rally.

Setting up. The building manager had been instructed by head office not to let party members near their own party’s building. Threats of police action did not eventuate:
Fear of the Rank and File

The protest underway:
The protest underway

ABC TV covering the event:
ABC TV covering the event

ALP signage was taken down before the rank and file arrived. Don’t want the ‘brand’ sullied after all:
ALP signage taken down

Leichhardt Councillor Darcy Byrne addresses the rank and file:
Leichhardt Councillor Darcy Byrne address the rank and file

No rank and file welcome at party headquarters. Lifts are locked off to level 9.
No rank and file welcome. Lifts are locked off.

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1 Response to Protest Photos

  1. Amanda says:

    Well to be fair, the ALP signage has been down for months now whatever reason, at least since sometime last year. (I work next door so walk past it every day)

    It was a good event, glad I could get down to it. Next time, a sit in!

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