Balmain SEC adopting review recommendations

The Balmain SEC, via a motion from the Leichhardt Branch, has resolved to take the initiative in addressing a number of the recommendations raised in the recent review. Around a third of the recommendations are able to implemented by local branches or electorate councils with only minor changes in wording or scope. There is no need to wait for advice or permission from head office, conference or any other party body to begin to address some of these issues.

Specifically Balmain SEC has resolved to form a working group of interested party members and party supporters to look at addressing the following recommendations locally:

  • Recommendation 2: Conducting a survey of Balmain party members seeking their views, expectations and attitudes to the Party.
  • Recommendation 3: Discussing and recommending a local membership growth target.
  • Recommendation 4: Dedicating a budget to new party-building activities.
  • Recommendation 5: Explicitly adopting a community-organising model.
  • Recommendation 6: Soliciting recommendations on actions to grow membership and to assist the building of better branches.
  • Recommendation 7: Creating a cost-effective local campaigning organising and training academy to boost the skills, awareness and knowledge of Balmain electorate members.
  • Recommendation 9: Developing a system of small grants to assist with party-building activities. Encouraging local branches to apply for these grants.
  • Recommendation 22: Co-opting local members to provide expert advice on matters of policy. That in future the Balmain SEC be strongly encouraged to draw upon the experience and professional expertise of members within the electorate when determining policy positions.
  • Recommendation 28: Instituting a Labor Community Dialogue program to facilitate access and discussion between the Party, local community organisations and local community leaders, supported by online engagement opportunities.
If you, your branch or your electorate council is interested in independently adopting any of the recommendations from the Bracks/Faulkner/Carr review feel free to contact, we would be interested in exchanging ideas with other party units seeking to improve and reform the party at the rank and file level.
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