Next steps

Thanks to all those who came – as was said at the meeting, passing the motions is the first step towards retaking our party.

What happens now?


Branches hold their AGMs and choose delegates to SECs and FECs, and debate and pass motions calling for reform. Branches may use the motions provided, or vary, them or create their own. Branches are requested to notify when they pass relevant motions, which will be published for the consideration of other branches. Please let us know if anything interesting occurs. If you would like a ‘buddy’ to be present at your AGM, please let us know and we will see what we can do.  We can be contacted via a comment here, or via an email to ouralp[at], or via your local regional organisers who should contact you shortly.

Noon, April 29 is the closing date for motions to conference. This was brought forwards when head office brought forwards Conference. Because of this change in schedule, there is no time for branches to forward motions to conference via SECs/FECs as would usually happen. Instead Branches will have to send motions direct to Head Office: PO Box K408, Haymarket NSW 1240. As above, please notify us when you do and we will let other branches know. You should also send motions to your SEC/FEC as appropriate, but if motions are only sent to FEC/SEC then the deadline for submission to conference will pass before the motions can be heard.

April 30 (tentative) There will be a workshop on the topic: “How can we get Rank and File Reform Motions passed at Conference”. Details TBD. Suggestions welcome.


SECs and FECs hold their AGMs and (amongst other things) choose delegates to Conference. (2 per SEC, 3 per FEC).

May 28 (TBC) Next General Rank and File meeting. Details TBD. Suggestions welcome, not least for venue, as a larger venue than the Tom Mann will be needed.




July 9, 10 Conference.


Regional Rank and File meetings are being planned – details TBD.

We already have some endorsements from MPs. We will be seeking similar endorsements from a range of people. We will be keeping the Rank and File informed as to who is/is not willing to be seen to be supporting us.


  • SEC = State Electoral Council – represents all the branches in a State Electorate
  • FEC = Federal Electoral Council – represents all the branches in a Federal Electorate
  • AGM = Annual General Meeting – has been delayed by one month from the normal because of the State Election
  • Conference = State Conference, the supreme decision making body in the NSW ALP – decisions are binding on all members, the only body with the power to change the rules.
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