What would you say?

If you could say one thing to the meeting on Saturday, what would it be?

Please, post a  comment

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9 Responses to What would you say?

  1. narelle says:

    We must master the art of getting things passed at conference that mean something: starting with the Internet filter. That issue has destroyed our credibility as a progressive, freedom promoting party.

  2. Victoria Rollison says:

    ALP members should be regarded as equally important to the party as the politicians who represent us. We’re not just useful volunteer resources during elections. We should decide who is preselected and why. When you forget the importance of your members, disasters like Saturday happen. Why did NSW Labor expect a positive response from NSW to them selling off electricity assets when their membership were telling them it was a disastrous idea? If they had listened to us, the party would not have been destroyed.

  3. Anthony Lopez says:

    I would love to attend your meeting tomorrow, unfortunately having kids & being trainer for my son’s Rugby League team, I am occupied tomorrow afternoon (I gave up playing soccer this year as so I could assist with his Footy team)

    I like the fact that members of the ALP are willing to hold a meeting (and when I say members I say the REAL members, the ones who no one really appreciates). It’s the everyday members/supporters who unfortunately are left to ponder & group together to pick up the pieces.

    I have always said that the ALP needs to get back to being the party that it was first formed to represent. Their would be quite a few ALP members/leaders/supporters who would be turning in their graves to see what this once strong party is becoming. After what we all ensured over the past 4 years in NSW, what we lived through last Saturday & what the Federal ALP has & is wanting to put forward is enough for members/supporters to stand up & say “Enough is Enough” it’s time we all put our ego’s aside & get back to what we should be doing, that is doing what is best for all Australian’s, we need to look back at the great work Bob Hawke did as PM, & from both sides of politics, Bob was a well respected PM who did what was best for the Australian Public. No wonder he was much loved by the people of Australia, he did what was RIGHT for the people of today & the future, he did not let the power get to his head & he needs to be honoured for that.

    I get so upset when I read about the ALP Right has the numbers or the ALP Left wants to do this. Right, Left, centre or whatever has to take a BIG backward step & all have to get together to REBUILD trust, loyalty & importantly RESPECT with it’s memebrs/supporters & the everyday voting & future voting Auatralian’s. Factions & getting your members to support you is not what is best for the party, what is best is who is best to lead, the one who can bring all sides (within the party) together to work as ONE TEAM with the ONE GOAL!

    I would be happy to get correspondance from tomorrow’s meeting & read as to what was discussed. Or be free to pass on what I have written above. If you have an external email I would be happy to get emails/updates from you with relation to what progresses are happing in the party. You seem to be a member who has his head screwed on & want to do what is best for the party. Their needs to be more good people like yourself.

    Again, I am sorry if I expressed myself in a way that may offend some, but from an outsider I can see what is happening to a once great party!

  4. Anthony Lopez says:

    I will also mention that I am not a member of the party or of a local branch. I am lloking at joining in the future. My comments are from an outsider looking in to what is happening.

  5. margaret morgan says:

    The only way forward and to beat the opposition is to be united SOLIDARITY

  6. Norman Hanscombe says:

    Margaret, the first task is to ensure [or try to ensure] the “leaders” of whichever factional group within the Party we happen to belong to, are forced to actually once again debate policies at Conferences, instead of letting them get away with concentrating on backroom deals with their “opposing” factional leaders about who’ll receive which shares of rge spoils of office.

    I know it’s nowadays deemed an old-fashioned idea, but what about demanding our factional “leaders” spend more time on debating policies, and less on developing careers for themselves?

  7. laurie urane says:

    we need candidates that are “ministers for bustops” in the making, My tw local members when I asked them for assistance in a matter did nothing, the same applied to my union , they were too busy to hep because of the electricity privitatison , they also lost al my docments I have on my phone a rant by the union delegate of how busy he was trying to stop privitisation.

    God knows why we contracted to buy trains from China when there are muc mor experienced train makers in europe and their trains work Laurie

  8. Serge says:

    How can we be a social democratic party when our own processes and factions encourage collusion, nepotism and backroom deals – it’s time to enshrine rank and file pre-selections for all ALP seats. A meritocracy based on ideas, succession planning and the desire to strengthen our communities will ensure debates focus on policy and not internal politics.

  9. Sue West says:

    Sounds very city centric.

    Rank and File ballots for State wide positions will discirminate against small branches and rural members. How can anyone get known across the whole state without spending a lot of time and money?

    A frequent comment I get from members when voting for the National President is “I dont know anyone – how can I vote for soemone I dont know or have never heard of?”

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