Nominations for State Conference are open

Nominations have opened for the following positions, to be filled at this year’s NSW State Conference:

  • Conference Agenda Committee (5 members)
  • 2 State Policy Forum Deputy Chairs
  • 16 Assistant Returning Officers
  • 52 Delegates to National Conference (to be elected by union delegates only)
  • Senate (3 positions, $1,000 nomination fee payable)
  • Legislative Council (8 positions, $750 nomination fee payable)

In addition, as happens at every second State conference, the following committees will be elected.

  • Health Policy Committee
  • International Relations Committee
  • Building Sustainable Communities
  • Education Policy Committee
  • Indigenous Peoples & Reconciliation
  • Economics Policy Committee
  • Industrial Relations Committee
  • Social Justice and Legal Affairs
  • Organising, Recruitment and Training Committee

These committees review suggested policy changes from branches, electoral councils and other affiliated bodies, and advise conference on which motions should be accepted, and which motions should be rejected. Conference can override the committees, and occasionally does, but in the main these committees are responsible for Party Policy.

Each committee has a Chair, Deputy Chair, and 10 Members. Party members with twelve months standing are eligible to nominate.

Nominations close at 12noon Friday 15 June 2018.

Nominations must be on an official nomination form, which is available from the NSW Party Office.

Affirmative action applies to ballots where 3 or more positions are being filled.

For more information, consult the June Political Briefing.

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