Administrative Committee Ballot Report.

The Administrative Committee, commonly known simply as Admin, has 36 members. Of these, 18 are elected by Affiliated Unions’ Delegates, and 18 by Rank and File Delegates and assorted others, such as the Parliamentary Party, but also the chairs and secretaries of the various policy committees, and so on.

For the 18 members of Admen elected by unions, there were 18 nominations, as agreed by Left and Right, and no ballot was required.

For the 18 members of Admen elected by the rank and file, there were 24 nominations, 13 from the Right, 10 from the Left, and me.

Nobody officially preferenced anybody.

The Right had 228 votes, the Left had 157 votes, and I, the sole independent, had 13 votes. Accordingly, the Right picked up the first 10 positions and the Left the next 7, leaving a three way race for the for the 18th and last place.

I am told that on the first count of the ballot, I narrowly squeezed home, and on the second count, I narrowly missed out, being knocked out by Stephen Bali, 13.1 votes to 13 votes. I do not have a breakdown of where my 13 votes went, except to say that after they were distributed, Paul Sekfi defeated Bali, taking the 18th place for the Left.

I have asked for a recount.

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3 Responses to Administrative Committee Ballot Report.

  1. Maree says:

    Thanks for keeping us in loop Ben, good luck.

  2. devalara says:

    Any news on recount?


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