Nominations close Friday

If you think the NSW ALP is working just fine for its members, you don’t need to read any further.

But if you think it could work better, then you should know that nominations have been called for the following positions:

Senior Vice President
Junior Vice President (2)
Administrative Committee (36) (18 elected by affiliated union Delegates and 18
elected by all non-union Delegates)
Platform Committee Chair
Platform Committee Deputy Chair
Platform Committee Secretary
Rules Committee Member (9)
NSW Labor Women’s Forum Chair
NSW Labor Women’s Forum Deputy Chair
NSW Labor Women’s Forum Secretary
NSW Labor Women’s Forum Member (15)
Country Labor Committee Chair
Country Labor Committee Deputy Chair
Country Labor Committee Secretary
Country Labor Committee Members (15)
Trustees (3)

Any member with at least one year of continuous financial Party membership can nominate. They must be nominated in writing by at least five members, each of whom must have been a member of the Party for at least twelve months.

Nominations must be on the official form, which is available from the NSW Party Office.

Nominations must reach the General Returning Officer by 12 noon, Friday 23 June 2017. It’s probably too late to mail your forms, better to email or fax.

Positions will be filled by a ballot of State Conference delegates, 29-30 July.


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1 Response to Nominations close Friday

  1. Jennifer says:

    Hi Ben. Did you know that nominations have been called in the Left for senate position? Instead of the usual where only one nomination goes forward, Chris Haviland has nominated so there will be a ballot on Saturday of Left delegates from the previous national conference for a vote to choose between Tim Ayres and Chris H. Little steps. The member wide ballots for delegate to nations Neal conference for all NSW FECs are also being pressed. Best wishes from Jennifer Jary

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