Unity Conference Minutes

Please find attached draft minutes of the 75th Anniversary Unity Conference, including resolutions on the following topics:

  1. that the Australian Labor Party should be a democracy based on membership control;
  2. that there will be a regular conference of local branches;
  3. there should be judicial oversight over the NSW Labor Party; and
  4. a series of rule and policy changes: reforms to public funding and fundraising, the banning of factional binding, and direct elections for party positions and for union delegates to conference.
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1 Response to Unity Conference Minutes

  1. JohnB says:

    From conference minutes,
    Jamie Clements:
    “…He compared these reforms with the situation in other states and pledged to
    support 100% rank and file involvement in determining lower House preselections….”

    Jamie didn’t support rank and file selection of candidate for lower house seat of Lakemba for the 2014 election.
    Jihad Dib was appointed without reference to local branches, despite branch protests.
    Branch members are not happy.

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