Will the ALP Follow its own rules?

From: John Kilcullen
To: NSWLabor@nswalp.com

Dear Mr Dastyari,

I would like to suggest that the NSW Branch choose a replacement for Senator Arbib by rank-and-file vote.

His replacement could be elected by the NSW members who voted in the election for national president.

There is no hurry to replace Senator Arbib, so there would be time to organise a poll.

There are five male NSW senators, one female. This does not meet the “affirmative action” rule, Rule 10, http://www.alp.org.au/getattachment/07dacd1a-3e6c-498f-b722-548c222a0f5e/our-platform/

So the candidates for selection should all be women.

Best wishes,

John Kilcullen

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