John Lannan to tell NSW: Reform is Essential

John LannanJohn Lannan, the Independent candidate for ALP President, will be visiting NSW on the weekend of the 22nd and 23rd October.

John will be telling a members only meeting why Party Reform is essential if the Party is to survive, at Alexandria Town Hall at 2pm on the 22nd.

John will be speaking to Gilmore FEC on the 23rd.

For more information, please visit or contact

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1 Response to John Lannan to tell NSW: Reform is Essential

  1. carmel callaghan says:

    Before I vote I would like to ask the following questions.
    1. Labour wants more indigenous children to attend school and wants to cut welfare payment for non attendance. However after setting up Legal Aid in Kununurra I noted that at Molly springs there is no bus service available to enable children to attend school.
    2. Immigration: I believe ppl should be treated humanely, and that interning refugees is the wrong way to go. Many of these ppl are fleeing war torn countries and deserve to be processed quickly.
    3. Why is it we do not have an Australian coastguard to protect our waters, similar to the US.
    4. Why does Government not protect Australian citizens i.e. Julian Assange?
    5. Why do you provide boat ppl with flights, houses etc, whilst many were homeless in queensland floods, and many homeless on our streets. Dont you think it would be fairer to look after Australians first and stop being politically correct. What happened to ppl working for what they want like earlier immigrants italians, greeks etc.
    6. Why is Australia so politically correct regarding the islamisation of australia, and will we end up like Britain where sharia rule banks etc have been adopted by govt.. Afterall this is Australia and those refugees coming here should abide by our laws. You cannot go to saudi arabia and get welfare or free houses /medical or practice your religion whilst condemning theirs.
    7. Why are you allowing multinationals like woolworths and coles to destroy all competition- it is not a fair playing board, and where are the laws stopping them from replacing brand names exclusive to their companies on their shelves at the expense of other brands.
    8. why are you allowing Rio tinto(to take 80% of its profits out of Australia) and BHP to take out 40%? These are australian resources and there should be some benefit to Australia, and dont say employment as they hire cheap labour from overseas, whilst ppl are unemployed in Australia.
    9. Why doesnt the government support Sea shepherd when it goes head on against Japan re whaling.
    10. I believe we should get out of Afghanistan, and as Latham said fight our wars in relation to our area, and not fight americas wars.
    11. Why are you allowing China, Russia and UK to buy Australian land for their future food bowl? Whilst failing to protect Australian land. i would hate to see us end up like Canada with all our resources owned over the border. Gough Whitlam was correct when he wanted 51% ownership for Australia.
    12. Why do we supply uranium to china, who has no human rights? and who may become our future enemy
    13. why does the labour party have visionary ideas for Australia yet fails to ensure checks and balances to ensure the system is not corrupted and opportunist contractors are enabled to rort the system.(i.e. pink bats). What happened to the Public works Department
    14. Why hasnt anyone had the guts to bring water from the Ord River to Perth? this would enable the whole western australian coast to be opened up. Perhaps refugees could be allowed into Australia to work on this project/pipeline.. similar to snowy mountains scheme years ago.
    15. Why are you allowing Fraccing, which destroys water tablelands
    Well I have many more Why’s? but if you wanted to know my feelings, the above outlines some of them
    I support totally Julia Gillard, and think the factions need to get their acts together and stop destabilising the Labour party
    Carmel Callaghan

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