John Lannan requests your help

From John Lannan
Nominations for Federal President close on Friday 2 September and I need at least 10 nominations from each of 5 states and territories. I particularly need not just nominations from Victoria or NSW, but most especially nominations from other states and territories. Can ALP members please complete and sign the nomination form, write in their state or territory and return it to me.

John Lannan did get his nomination form in and he did get the numbers – at least as per the wording on the nomination form.

This being the ALP, the relevant rules are ambiguous, and he could still be
rejected on a technicality.

Head Office have it in their power to choose to accept his nomination or not, and the decision they make will send a signal as how keen they are to have members involved.
We will keep you informed.

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5 Responses to John Lannan requests your help

  1. Alix says:

    Please keep us all updated on this. It’s not at all surprising that the ALP have built in technicalities that they can exploit just in case things do not run according to the script. A renegade independent builing up support is certainly not part of the script. Same old ALP, same old tactics. You will find the ‘left’ and the ‘right’ in furious agreement and applying the same amount of dirty tactics when someone outside the factional club threatens them. Believe me they will never change.

    • Ben Aveling says:

      Rumour is that that at least one and possibly both of the Right candidates also fell short in their number of nominations/states. So they, the Right, pushed for an extension to be granted to their own candidate(s). The Left agreed, but only on condition that it applied to all the potential candidates, which is what happened.

  2. Leonid Kouvelis says:

    I urge all ALP members to support and vote for John Lannan. As the one and only ALP member elected position the federal presidency needs to be in the hands of a non-partisan, non-factional ALP member. Give John Lannan your vote.

  3. Pat Kun says:

    Hi John, can you let me know if you have a preference about where to put our 2nd & 3rd votes, Pat

  4. Ben Aveling says:

    Hi Pat,

    After talking to the other candidates about their views on reform, John has released a how to vote card at

    Regards, Ben

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