Achieved at the NSW State Conference

By Ben Aveling

The below is my (strictly unofficial) impression of what was and wasn’t achieved at the NSW State Conference, as regards the Faulkner/Carr/Bracks recommendations, and other.

What was achieved:

Recommendations 4, 9: Budget allocation to new party-building Activities

A budget has been allocated – to be distributed via SECs

Recommendation 5: Community-organising model

Passed. Not sure what this means in practice.

Recommendation 8: Amnesty for former members

An Amnesty was granted prior to conference, and has now expired.

Recommendations 11, 12: Direct election of a % of National Conference

One delegate per FEC. May be elected by FEC or by direct election, at discretion of FEC. Remaining delegates to be chosen by conference as per current rules. Takes effect from next year.

Recommendation 15: Ministers to report progress on policy implementation


Recommendation 18: Trade union conference delegates must be financial party members

Passed – not a great change from the current situation in NSW, which is that trade union delegates must be party members.

Recommendation 20: National party policy committees


Recommendation 23: Central Policy Branches

Central Branch may now move motions. Also, Regional Policy Branches may be formed.

Recommendation 24: National Appeals Tribunal determinations be binding

Only that decisions of Review Tribunal are to be available to members.

Recommendation 25: Intervention in preselections a last resort

Intervention in preselections only in exceptional circumstances.

Recommendation 26: Primaries in open/non held seats (60/20/20 members/unionists/public)

Some LGCs to be decided through primaries in 2012 and 5 winnable seats in 2015 – weightings TBD. (Winnable means that the margin is less than that needed to retake government.)

Other successful reforms:

Admin may put rules in place to establish proof of entitlement to concession.

Nominations are to be called at least one year prior to elections, except in exceptional circumstances

Long term party members (10 years) are entitled to an automatic vote in preselections

Issues based branches are allowed – one such is to be an online branch.

Country Conference is to discuss the selection process for the Country Organiser and make a recommendation back to the next State Conference.

Not achieved:

Recommendation 1: That these recommendations be forwarded directly to the National Conference

Nothing concrete.

Recommendation 2: National survey of Party members

Nothing concrete.

Recommendation 3: Membership growth targets – set a target for growth

Nothing concrete.

Recommendation 6: National Director of Organising

Nothing concrete.

Recommendation 7: National campaigning organising and training Academy

Nothing concrete.

Recommendation 10: Acknowledge correspondence promptly

Nothing concrete.

Recommendation 13: Non-rotating presidents, with voting rights at National Exec

Nothing concrete.

Recommendation 14: Direct election of Presidents

Not put to a vote.

Recommendation 16: No diluting member’s representation at conference with extra delegates

Nothing concrete.

Recommendation 17: No dual (batt) voting

Nothing concrete

Recommendation 19: Ask trade unions to ask their members to be more involved

Nothing concrete

Recommendation 21: Engage with non-union 3rd party organisations

Nothing concrete.

Recommendation 22: Non-factional, expert, members of policy committees

Some developments here, but will be factional, non-expert members.

Recommendation 27: Outreach organisation

Nothing concrete.

Recommendation 28: Community Dialogue program

Nothing concrete.

Recommendation 29: Permit progressive organisations to affiliate

Not sure.

Recommendation 30: Expand Labor Connect

Nothing concrete.

Recommendation 31: Campaigns and Growth Forum

Nothing concrete.

Recommendation 32-97: –not made public–

Nothing concrete? Who knows.

Other unsuccessful reforms:

An end to bulk enrolments.

Contacts for secretaries to be shared.

All other proposals for direct elections.

For an official summary, see the August Political Briefing.

The official report can be downloaded here.

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