Rank and file members demand ALP reform

By ALP Sydney State Electorate Council
Rank and file ALP members have demanded the upcoming NSW ALP conference, to be held 9-10 July 2011, support real party reform.
A meeting of rank and file ALP members, held on 27 June 2011 at the Unions NSW building in Sydney, endorsed key recommendations of the 2010 ALP National Review that party officers and a portion of the ALP National Conference be directly elected by party members. Nearly 100 rank and file members attended the meeting, which was organised by the ALP Sydney State Electoral Council.
David Carey, President of the ALP Sydney State Electoral Council, said “Rank and file ALP members have strongly endorsed the direct election of Federal and State ALP Presidents. They also supported local rank and file preselections of candidates occurring without interference from the NSW ALP or National Executive and have demanded greater democratic participation in the ALP.”
Mr Carey also said that there was a risk the NSW ALP conference would make only minor reforms to the party, ignoring the concerns of rank and file members. “The NSW ALP conference will consider motions for party reform from branches across the state. Rank and file members must be heard.”

Motion carried at the 27 June 2011 meeting of rank and file ALP members at the Unions NSW building in Sydney

This meeting supports the 2010 National Review conducted by former Premiers Steve Bracks, Bob Carr and Senator John Faulkner as an important statement of the views of Party members on the need for reform of the Labor Party.
In particular, this meeting endorses the call for greater democratic participation in the Labor Party contained in the Review recommendation, especially the recommendations relating to the direct election of National Conference delegates, and direct election of state and territory presidencies.
The meeting notes and supports the call for the preselection rights of local members to be respected, without interference or intervention from the NSW Head Office or the National Executive.
The meeting recognises the need to try new and creative ways to engage with the 5 million voters who continue to loyally support the Labor Party in general elections but who are not members of the ALP.
The meeting also calls on delegates to the NSW state Conference to support farreaching reform of Labor in this state, and to put the Party’s interests ahead of their factional interests by supporting a free vote on all matters of Party reform at the Conference.
That this motion be referred to all NSW State Conference delegates.

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