Stamping out Dissent

One day before John Faulkner warned that the factions are trying to “cast internal debate as disunity“, three days after Sam Dastyari has promised to propose sweeping reforms at Conference, there is an announcement from Head Office that, at this year’s Conference, amendments to the rules report “will only be accepted upon agreement of the Party Officers“.

Last time I checked, Conference was still the supreme decision making body, not Head Office, not the Party Officers.  And as such, it is up to Conference to decide what Conference will discuss, not Head Office, not the Party Officers, except with the consent and agreement of Conference as a whole.

This all underscores the importance Sam Dastyari presenting his proposals now. If you agree, please leave a comment saying you support the open letter and we will add your names to ours.

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1 Response to Stamping out Dissent

  1. Adrian Ryan says:

    Well said Ben. Add my name to the letter. It is more than time that the Party hierarchy had their delusions of power punctured.

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