Candidate Profiles

One common complaint about Annual Conference is that it’s hard for would-be candidates to make themselves known to delegates, and vice versa, especially for Country Labor delegates and candidates.

Therefore, is offering to host an online candidate profile for anyone interested in standing for any committee, be that person left, right, unaligned or other, and we will communicate the existence of these profiles to as many delegates as possible.

This is not an endorsement – OurALP is not a faction and does not endorse candidates. This is just a service provided for anyone who wishes to use it.

Please contact us using to have your profile hosted. (You can also use this email address to submit  articles for consideration for publication on the website.)

If you are a party member, and especially if you are a branch or electorate council secretary, please communicate this to your branch or electoral council, or at least to your local delegates and to any members who may be considering standing.

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