Motions – Sydney SEC

The Sydney SEC carried the following motions to be included on the State Conference agenda.

  • That the 2010 Review be distributed to all ALP members who desire a copy.
  • That the NSW ALP support the National Review Findings of Senator Faulkner, Bob Carr and Steven Bracks proposing the direct election of party office bearers and broadening of community and party involvement.
  • That the structure of State Conference be changed so that the following positions are filled by postal ballot of the rank and file membership of the party: President, Senior Vice President, Junior Vice President, General Secretary and Assistant General Secretaries, and all elected members of the Administrative Committee.
  • That all members must pay their own membership fees personally. The only exception is for immediate family members under the age of eighteen. Members paying a concessional rate must provide a photocopy of their concession card with payment.

The third motion is different to the “model” motion put forward to many branches. In addition, the “model” motion about union members directly electing union delegates to state conference lapsed at the SEC as no member moved it following informal discussion.


Sacha Blumen
Secretary, Sydney SEC

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