Motions – Sylvania Taren Point

Sylvania Taren Point Branch, in spirit, supports the 2010 Nation Review.

However, we did have some concerns regarding this section of Recommendation 26:

“a weighting component of 20% from registered Labor supporters in the community [be considered for the selection of candidates]”.

The Branch would like more details of this proposal, and how it would be implemented.

At our Branch Meeting held 15 April 2011, we also passed the following motion:-

To encourage growth of branch membership and secure the future of the party we need to change the rules and re-organise how our branches function:

  1. All members of the party must join a branch and attend the required number of meetings before they are eligible to participate in other sectors of the party such as Young Labor.
  2. Due to the comittments society seems to impose on people we suggest that:

(a.) Branch Meetings be held bi-monthly (i.e. every two months in lieu of monthly) and the format of the meetings be reviewed.

(b.) Branches in geographical areas (e.g. Sutherland Shire, St. George etc) have quarterly joint meetings at which there would be either a guest speaker from community organisations or otherwise politically interesting groups followed by discussion/debate about issues raised,or a training session to elevate our understanding of issues and methods of getting the community to understand and debate said issues.

(c.) Six monthly gatherings of members in said geographical areas (or even more than one area together) to socialise, discuss party issuesand possibly double as a fund-raiser.

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