Motions to Conference must be sent this month

An important report from the Darling Harbour branch:

Darling Harbour branch passed the motions at the meeting tonight. The initial reaction of the president was to hold them over until the next meeting (1st week in May) so that members had time to read the report on the 2010. I pointed out that motions needed to be with State Conference by 29/4 so he realised that we couldn’t delay.

This can’t be said too often: you must pass your motions this month and send them directly to head office. The closing date for motions to Conference is noon, April 29. There is no time to postpone discussion, or to send them via an SEC or FEC.  You still should send your motions to your SEC and FEC, but do it as well as sending them to head office.

Head Office is PO Box K408, Haymarket NSW 1240.

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1 Response to Motions to Conference must be sent this month

  1. Ben Aveling says:

    The deadline for motions to conference to reach head-office is fast approaching: 12 noon, Friday 29 April.

    No time left for snailmail, unless you’re hoping they’ll be flexible. They might. But probably better to fax or email.

    (02) 9264 2574


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